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Sharī‘ah-compliant solution providers

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Please find below, a list of Sharī‘ah-compliant solution providers, as an accompaniment to the Halāl Money Guide. We will periodically update this page as and when we become aware of new solution providers:


(1) Independent Financial Advisers

SAGE Financial

Simply Sharī‘a


(2) Credit Cards

Pre-paid credit cards are closest to Sharī‘ah principles. See examples of these cards here.


(3) Child Trust Funds (CTFs) / Junior ISAs

The Children’s ISA

The Children’s Mutual


(4) Bank Accounts

HSBC Amanah (personal)

IBB (personal)

Lloyds TSB (corporate)

BLME (corporate)


(5) Personal Loans

We are currently not aware of any Sharī‘ah-compliant providers for personal loans. However, we are currently lobbying the government to help the SLC introduce Sharī‘ah-compliant student loans from September 2012. Click here for details.


(6)  Alternative Mortgage Providers

HSBC Amanah



(7) Investment & Pension Funds

Scottish Widows

HSBC Amanah

NEST (low cost scheme set up by the government)

Non-geared conventional property funds may also be deemed permissible depending on the nature of properties owned.



Please note the content above is provided for information purposes only. 1st Ethical do not offer any financial advice, nor receive any commissions for referrals off this page. Should you require financial advice, please consult a professional adviser.