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This Islamic Wills Campaign is brought to you in partnership with Islamic Relief, Muslim Aid, Ummah Welfare Trust and Muslim Hands. We believe that by working together, we can highlight the importance of preparing a Will to a much wider audience.

Main Objective

We would like to help you prepare your Will and give advice on giving a bequest to charity – benefiting society even after your passing and gaining an on-going reward, known as sadaqah jariyah. We have provided all of the information, shariah compliant rulings and tools needed as well as an advice line and email address should you need further support.

Why Should You Get involved?

It is a religious duty to prepare a will. If you were to die whilst not having one, your wealth will be distributed according to British law, and as such may contravene the shari’ah. As the Prophet (s) said:

“It is a duty of a Muslim who has anything to bequeath not to let two nights pass without including it in his Will.” (Bukhari)

The only way to ensure that your requests are followed is to prepare a Will. Not only will your wealth and property be distributed correctly, but you will avoid disputes over custody of any children.

You also have the opportunity to help those in need by leaving some of your wealth to a charity or good cause. We have four partner charities who will help turn your donation into a continuous charity (sadaqah jariyah).

To Prepare Your Will
To put in place your Islamic Will, please follow the following steps:

Please remember to keep your Will in a safe place, and to include a bequest to one of our four partner charities.

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Imams, Teachers, Parents – Get Involved!

Given the Islamic importance of putting a Will in place, many Mosques, schools, madrasahs and other Islamic organisations have partnered with 1st Ethical in delivering khutbahs, seminars and lessons on this topic.

You too can get involved. To get started, click on our easy toolkits below:

Each toolkit comes with support from the 1st Ethical team and a panel of scholars who can deliver talks at your organisation.

We also welcome invitations to your mosque, school or community centre to deliver a seminar, sermon (khutbah) or assembly on the subject.

Sign up to the mailing list today to be the first to know about new updates to this campaign and how else you can help. Your support is greatly appreciated.