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Food Drive

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Our Food Drive Campaign is bought to you in partnership with The Salvation Army. We believe in working with organisations that share similar moral and ethical beliefs towards eradicating poverty. This is why we chose to partner with them, in the hope of bettering society as a whole.

Main Objective

The recent economic downturn has left many in our local communities struggling to make ends meet with charities reporting sharp increases in demand for food parcels. It’s shocking to find out that our neighbours may be going without food and basic essentials. Increases in fuel prices, redundancies, domestic abuse, debt and family breakdowns are just some of the reasons families are going hungry.

Our aim is to ensure food and essentials reach those who need it most. This campaign is all about giving you the tools to feed the needy at your local Salvation Army centre.

Why Should You Get Involved?

Perhaps the clearest Islamic teaching regarding feeding the needy comes from the Quran itself:

“What has brought you to this burning abode? They will answer, ‘We were not amongst those who worshipped God (out of arrogance) and nor did we feed the needy….’”
(Quran 74:42-44)

This verse was echoed by the Prophet (s) when he said:

He is not a Muslim who goes to bed satiated while his neighbor goes hungry.” 

Such is the importance of feeding the poor and using our wealth to do so, on being asked why he doesn’t clothe the Kaabah in silk, Umar (ra) said:

“The stomachs of Muslims are a priority.” 

To learn more about the Islamic significance of this campaign, please read our Sadaqah Guide.


We have many opportunities for volunteers to get involved and make the practical changes needed. Call 01204 557918, or email info@1stethical.com

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Imams, Teachers, Parents – Get Involved!

To help you get involved, we have put together these excellent toolkits, which clearly explain how you can help. Our aim is to empower the change makers and educators in our communities and we’ll do all we can to support you implement these campaigns.

To get started, click on our easy toolkits below:

Each toolkit comes with support from the 1st Ethical team.

We also welcome invitations to your mosque, school or community centre to deliver a seminar, sermon (khutbah) or assembly on the subject.