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Our Animal Welfare campaign is bought to you in partnership with the RSPCA. In our efforts to implement the wider teachings of Islam, the RSPCA are the perfect organization to partner with so as to benefit all members of our communities, whether they have two legs or four.

Main Objective

British culture holds animals and pets in high regard and its common for pets to be treated well. This is in keeping with the compassion and mercy that the Prophet taught. This mindset extends beyond our fellow humans to also encompass all of God’s creatures.

This campaign is all about helping you make the right consumer choices so the products you buy are produced with greater compassion to animals, and helping you volunteer your time at the RSPCA’s animal shelters.

Why Should You Get Involved?

All animals are considered to be in a state of prayer and praise as explained by the Quran:

“Seest thou not that it is Allah Whose praise all beings in the heavens and on earth do celebrate, and the birds (of the air) with wings outspread? Each one knows its own (mode of) prayer and praise, and Allah knows well all that they do.”
(Quran 24:41) 

How is it then, that we can ignore their needs, considering that mankind has been given the responsibility of Khalifah (vicegerent) of this earth? The mercy and compassion that the Prophet (s) had is clear and there are many stories concerning this. During a journey, the Prophet Muhammad (s) left his companions for a while and they took two chicks from their mother. The mother bird circled in the air, beating its wings in grief. When the Prophet (s) returned, he said:

 “Who has hurt the feelings of this bird by taking its chicks? Return them to her.”

To learn more about the Islamic significance of this campaign, read our Animal Welfare Guide.


Want to get involved? Whether you want to raise awareness to your friends and family or help at your local RSPCA centre, get in touch and we’ll guide you through the next steps: call us on 01204 557918, or email info@1stethical.com.

You can also start making ethical consumer choices today by buying from the RSPCA Freedom Food range.

Imams, Teachers, Parents- Get Involved!

To get started, click on our easy toolkits below:

Each toolkit comes with support from the 1st Ethical team.

We also welcome invitations to your mosque, school or community centre to deliver a seminar, sermon (khutbah) or assembly on the subject.

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