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1st Ethical offers a series of assemblies uniquely prepared for secondary schools. These assemblies can be delivered by one of 1st Ethical’s education representatives or by teachers themselves. Contact us today and request your free presentation.

1. Islam Beyond Ibādah

Islam is an all-encompassing way of life. A faith that looks beyond beliefs and rituals acts of worship (Ibādah) and provides Muslims with guidelines regarding all aspects of life. Islam beyond Ibādah looks past ones personal relationship with God and focuses on the aspects of Islam concerning ones interactions with the others. In this short assembly, Islamic views relating to the rights of God’s creation will be explored and pupils will learn the Islamic etiquettes of dealing with members of society in everyday life.

2. Importance of Zakāh

Although charity is a central aspect of the Islamic faith, most Muslims know  – young and old– very little about Zakāh and how it works. Beyond the basic facts of “you pay 2.5% of your net wealth” or “it’s the third pillar of Islam”, many of us know very little beyond the basics. In this short assembly, pupils will learn about the concept of Zakāh and its importance in fulfilling the rights of the poor as well as empowering pupils to take part in eradicating world poverty.

3. Islamic Wills

Allah states in the Qur’ān: “Every soul shall have taste of death”. Question then is, are we adequately prepared for the inevitable? Many Muslims choose to focus on funeral rites and preparation for the burial but often miss an important duty that goes with the departure of this world – writing an Islamic will for your inheritors.  In this short assembly, pupils will learn about the importance of fulfilling the rights of family members and the importance of preparing for death by writing an Islamic will.

4. Importance of Voting

Do you know your Cameron from your Clegg? Your Labour from your Conservative? Do you want to help decide who is laying down the laws and policies in this country? Above all, do you want to have a say in how it all happens or are you one of those who can’t be bothered with politics but wants to complain from the outside but nothing happens? In this short assembly, pupils will learn about the power of their vote and the importance of getting involved to make a change in society through the democratic process. The Islamic views regarding voting will also be explored.

5. Importance of Rights of Others

As children we always think about our self first right? Wrong. Muslims are encouraged to think about others and as the famous hadith goes, “person only becomes a true believer when he loves for his brother what he loves for himself”, this assembly covers the importance of fulfilling the rights of creation. Pupils will learn about these rights being a form of worship (Ibadah) equivalent to fulfilling the Rights of God.

6.  Importance of Earning a Halāl Living

Prophet Ādam was a farmer, Prophet Nūh a carpenter, Prophet Yūsuf a top government official. Even King Dāwūd worked for a living. On the Day of Judgement Muslims will be questioned regarding their wealth – how they earned and how they spent it. Make a start now by learning the importance of earning a living and being financially independent. More importantly, pupils understanding of ‘Halāl’ will be broadened in this short assembly from not just halāl chicken but also the money we earn and use.

7. Rights of Animals

‘Cat! Dog! Cow! Hen! Are you fulfilling the rights of animals? Animals are also a part of God’s creation and therefore have rights over us – did you know that? In this short assembly, pupils will explore these rights and explain the importance of caring for the physical and mental wellbeing of animals  as well as buying ethical animal-related products.

8. Danger of Taking on Debt

£1,278,000,000. The total value of all purchases made using plastic cards today. £55, 795. The average household debt today. In this day and age with loans and credit cards being more readily accessible it is easy to fall into the abyss of debt. This talk will highlight the dangers of taking out loans and living beyond ones means.

9. Dangers of Fraud and Dishonesty

Why is fraud is a common problem in the UK today? Benefit cheats, insurance scams, tax evasion, to name just a few. In this short assembly pupils will learn about the unlawfulness of dishonesty, the dangers involved when committing fraud and how best to avoid these pitfalls.

10. Rights of Neighbours

We live in a time where people interact more with technology than with other people – family and strangers alike. The days are fast disappearing where neighbours lived in harmony and mutual concern. ‘Love thy neighbour’ commanded Jesus, whilst the Prophet Muhammad said that ‘One He who sleeps on a full stomach whilst his neighbour goes hungry is not one of us.’ Who is a neighbour? What are their rights over you? Why are neighbours so important? Find out why good neighbour relationships are a key to building a healthy community and how to make sure your neighbours become your good friends!

11. The Concept of Sadaqah

We live in a time of economic recession. Times are hard for everyone! These may be some of the thoughts that run through your mind when someone mentions charity. But what should a believer’s relationship with this world be? Why should s/he have concern for another? Is charity only given in the form of wealth? Learn about amazing acts of philanthropy and generosity, and find out how you can make small changes in your spending to make charity a consistent part of YOUR life!

12. Striking a Balance Between Extravagance and Miserliness

Are you a competitor for scrooge? Or do you spend and hoard? Is it wrong to save, and what exactly is extortionate spending? Is a high bank balance the key to happiness, or does contentment lie elsewhere? Living in a time where people take on debt without a thought for its repercussions, it is important to learn how to manage money. A believer is said to be like a traveller, passing through this world with the provision he or she needs: What do you need on your journey?

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