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Imams have a challenging and important role in our communities. We have a longstanding track record of equipping our respected Imams with skills to better serve their congregations and the toolkits to implement our campaigns. Hundreds of esteemed Imams nationwide have given us positive feedback.

We can support you and your Mosque in three ways:


Easy to implement with support provided by 1st Ethical, each campaign empowers your congregation to benefit society. Click below for our step-by-step campaign toolkits for Imams:

Halal Money in partnership with Al-Qalam Shari‘ah Scholar Panel

Food Drive in partnership with the Salvation Army

Animal Welfare in partnership with the RSPCA

Zakah in partnership with Al-Qalam Shari‘ah Scholar Panel

Islamic Wills and Bequests in partnership with Islamic ReliefMuslim HandsMuslim Aid and Ummah Welfare Trust


Our well received intensive half-day training programmes are held in various localities throughout the UK:

Contemporary Fiqh’l-Mu‘amalat Training Day

Effectively Engaging Your Mosque Audience

Presenting Islam to non-Muslims

For scholars wanting to specialise in legal and financial fiqh, we are also able to provide, in partnership with Al-Qalam Shari‘ah Scholar Panel, a double weekend intensive programme: Advanced Training Programme for Imams [Dar ul Uloom]

The following sermons (khutbah) are a selection provided free of charge and correspond with our various campaigns. All are approved by the Al-Qalam Shari‘ah Scholar Panel or our in-house scholars Mufti Zubair Butt and Imam Abu Eesa Niamatullah. Please note we are often able to arrange for a guest Imams to deliver a khutbah at your mosque if required. Please contact us for a full list of the sermons we can provide.

Animal Welfare

Rights of Neighbours

The Importance of Islamic Wills

Rights of Neighbours

The Importance of Discharging Zakat Correctly

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