Empowering Muslims to benefit society through faith-based campaigns


The Emperor, Loonwatch.com Following the tragic events earlier this week at the Sikh Temple of Wisconsin which lead to the murder of six people in an attack orchestrated by a member of a neo-Nazi group, messages of support have po
The Daily Telegraph Bill Gates, the Microsoft co-founder has challenged scientists to reinvent the lavatory for the 2.5 billion people in the world who have no access to modern sanitation.   Scientists from around the world h
Anthony Heath, The Guardian Our research shows a strong inclination of first and second generation Britons to feel and act ‘British’ There are three words MP Aidan Burley must want to forget: “leftie multicultura
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Please see 1st Ethical’s field-based Consultant, Tarek el-Diwany, on this Aljazeera special on how Banks create money and the consequences of such a reality for the world’s economies and all of us today:
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You’ll have probably seen this article and programme last week on the benefits of intermittent fasting and low calorie “fasts”. But here’s a real interesting quick interview with the Neuro-Scientist behind
The BBC’s latest rising star, TV Sport’s Commentator Dan Walker, presents an interesting study into the effect and impact of religion upon sportsmen, with Mohamed Farah’s Olympic Gold victory very much in mind