Empowering Muslims to benefit society through faith-based campaigns


Abu Eesa Niamatullah/
Anything the Americans can do, we can do better. Obama vs Romney? Pah! We’ve got Linda Jack vs Mezanur Rashid. The US Elections was a multi-billion dollar affair? What-everrr. Our PCC Elections have had about £3.50 allocated to th
The Daily Mail Pasta in the evening: Those who just had carbs in the evening had lower hunger scores and better weight loss results than those who had fewer carbs throughout the day Many a celebrity and fitness trainer avoid carbo
  The Telegraph At 11am this Sunday the nation will fall silent in honour of all our fallen soldiers. Elderly grandparents will watch the Cenotaph service on television, thinking about friends, fiancés and fathers lost in ser
    Emirates24/7 A sweating Bangladeshi cleaner earning less than Dh1,000 a month was busy sweeping the ground just outside the Grand Mosque in Saudi Arabia when an old man rushed forward and hugged him. With tears in hi
“Protesters carry placards calling Palestinian Authority president Mahmud Abbas a traitor, in the Gaza Strip on November 3, 2012.” CNN Hundreds of Hamas supporters took to the streets of Gaza on Saturday, protesting ag
“Kostas Vaxevanis speaks to journalists as he awaits the beginning of his trial in Athens. “ The Guardian  When those madcap Scandinavian satirists awarded the Nobel peace prize to the European Union, they let everyone