Halal hysteria

17th May 2012

Mehdi Hasan, The New Statesman The British “debate” about meat, animal cruelty and ritual slaughter has become a proxy for deep fears about Muslims in our midst. LAURENT VAUTRIN/LE CARTON/PICTURETANK   I am sitting in one of London’s finest Indian restaurants, Benares, in the heart of Mayfair. I’ve just placed an order for the “Tandoori…

Fair Trade

Somayya Patel - 15th May 2012

International trade generates an incredible amount of wealth. However, very little of this wealth trickles down to the farmers and workers who extract and reap the commodities from which all goods and services ultimately originate. It’s not that world trade is inherently opposed to the needs of the poor, but the current rules which govern…

Ultra-Orthodox Shun Their Own for Reporting Child Sexual Abuse

Abu Eesa Niamatullah - 10th May 2012

Opening comment from AE: Although this long article below is quite the excellent journalism one now comes to expect from the New York Times, it is an incredibly sad read regardless of whatever faith background you may come from. Indeed there are certain realities uncovered below that I believe some Muslim communities themselves would do…

The Death of Khalil Dale: Why the British are flocking to Islam’s call

8th May 2012

By Abdal Hakim Murad (Tim Winter) It’s no mystery that people like Khalil Dale are drawn to the religion’s ultimate simplicity. The discovery at the weekend in Pakistan of the body of Khalil Dale, a British aid worker, has reminded his friends of his exceptional courage and heroism. We all lived in awe of his…

Madrasa training helps students make sense of the world around them

7th May 2012

(Ed: although this article is based on Darul Uloom abroad, none can deny the massive impact this institution has had on the development of Islam in Britain, and thus adds a further thread of interest for many Muslims in the UK who live according to its teachings and insight) Mukul Kesavan Gulf News When I first…

The Beginning Of The End For The EDL

4th May 2012

Leon Moosavi, Huffington Post Tommy Robinson, the leader of the English Defence League, is set to be unveiled as the deputy leader of the British Freedom Party. There’s been talk for more than a year of the EDL leadership wanting to become involved in mainstream politics, but this is the most concrete development yet. I’m optimistic that this could…

The Muslim Vote Should Not Be Underestimated

2nd May 2012

Reyhana Patel, Huffington Post The recent success of George Galloway’s victory in Bradford West shocked the mainstream political spectrum when he won the vote of the Bradford community by an overwhelming majority. As the analysis emerged after his victory, what was clear was that the three mainstream political parties did not do enough to reach out to the people…

Vote 2012: Why do so few Muslims vote?

1st May 2012

Navtej Johal, BBC News At the 2010 UK general election, 53% of Muslims did not vote, according to a study by research company Ipsos Mori for the Electoral Commission. This was a higher percentage than any other religious group in the country. “I’m not totally surprised, but I’m not happy about it,” said Talha Ahmad,…

End the “Care Crisis”

Abu Eesa Niamatullah - 27th April 2012

For many years now, the one thing that even the most virulent of Islamophobes have not been able to deny is the sacred approach to the older ones of our communities, something which is enshrined in Islam, and also the wider Asian immigrant population (as of course within many other good people from all backgrounds)….

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