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Michael Muhammad Knight, VICE So I’ve just received an email from a reader, asking whether I might have something to say about The Innocence of Muslims. “Is tolerance for satire really a concept that is not compatible with Islam?”
By Myriam Francois-Cerrah Muslims eh, they just cant seem to take a joke can they? It would be very easy to cast, as many ‎commentators have, the latest riots in response to the islamophobic film, as another example of ‎intolerant
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Although contrary to popular belief, it isn’t through some incredible display of patience, forgiveness or even ambivalence that the majority of us in the West don’t respond with anger to inflammatory and abusive attacks via media/
Engage ENGAGE Local Co-ordinators (3 Vacancies Nationally) Salary: £16,000 – £18,000 per annum Hours: Forty hours per week Holidays: 20 days paid holiday + Bank holidays + Eid days THE ORGANISATION ENGAGE is a not-for-profit compa
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By Flavia Di Consiglio, BBC Religion and Ethics Prof Richard Dawkins and Lord Sacks will debate at the BBC Re:Think Festival Prominent atheist Richard Dawkins and Britain’s Chief Rabbi Jonathan Sacks will meet on Wednesday i
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Those from my generation will remember Joan Sims’ character from the early 90s BBC comedy series starring Dennis Waterman called “On The Up”. “Just the one…” she’d always say as she poured herself her “daily” small glass of wine w