Mark Thompson on the BBC and Religion

3rd March 2012

Free Speech Debate [youtube][/youtube] In 2005, the BBC broadcast Jerry Springer: The Opera despite protests from Christian groups (read and comment on our case study). The BBC received more than 60,000 complaints about the show – a record at the time. In an interview with Free Speech Debate, Mark Thompson, director general of the BBC, explains…

Richard Dawkins & Rowan Williams Archbishop of Canterbury discuss human nature & ultimate origin

Abu Eesa Niamatullah - 1st March 2012

The fact that we would disagree on many theological points in the debate below shouldn’t prevent us from benefiting from much of the content, insight and intellectual jousting that proves quite educational. A good watch. [youtube][/youtube]

Philanthropy in Islam

29th February 2012

Syed Imad-ud-Din Asad, Dawn PHILANTHROPY, in simple words, signifies acts done for the welfare of mankind. Every religion has philanthropic components to it. Islam is no exception; in fact, Islamic injunctions make acts of charity obligatory. However, for many in the West, the concept of philanthropy is not a feature that is likely to be…


27th February 2012

Spike Johnson, Foreign Policy   When there’s something Muslim in your neighborhood, who ya gonna call? Meet the British lawyer fighting Islam, one parking ticket at a time.   Click here for pictures from inside the world of Mosquebusters. LONDON — It is winter, the middle of December, and I find myself making an odd…

How much Christianity is hidden in British society?

23rd February 2012

Stephen Tomkins, BBC News Magazine As Lent starts, the debate over secularism v cultural Christianity is raging. But just how much of British culture is inspired by religion, asks Stephen Tomkins. “On the Origin of Species, uh, with… oh God,” as Richard Dawkins said last week on BBC Radio Four’s Today programme when challenged by…

For once, Richard Dawkins is lost for words

20th February 2012

Stephen Pollard, The Daily Telegraph Atheists’ arrogance is their Achilles’ heel, as a cringe-making radio performance has proved. Lord Sacks, the Chief Rabbi, has made an exceptional contribution to public life Photo: OLI SCARFF   Which of us hasn’t groaned when the Rev Giles Fraser, former canon of St Paul’s, pops up with his Thought for…

Militant secularists fail to understand the rules of secular debate

18th February 2012

Andrew Brown, The Guardian Angry nonbelievers assume ‘the religious’ have no access to reason – so all they do is repeat themselves, loudly. Reading Julian Baggini’s lucid defence of secularism in the light of three years of comments on Cif belief, the point becomes obvious that among the people who most misunderstand it are the militant atheist secularists….

Muslims pass on faith at higher rates than Christians says Cardiff University study

15th February 2012

BBC News Muslims in Wales and England practise and pass on their faith at much higher rates than any other religion, a Cardiff University study says. Researchers found 77% of adult Muslims actively practise the faith they were brought up in, compared with 29% of Christians and 65% of other religions. They also found 98%…

Rashid Ghannouchi on Britain, Islam and liberal democracy

12th February 2012

Mukul Devichand, BBC Radio   One of the leading ideologues of the modern Muslim world has a vision of a state where respect for Islam and other faiths exists within a secular system – and he points to the UK as a model. But can his words be taken at face value? Woodville Road in…

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