Another Fine Mess

1st Ethical CT - 13th June 2012

The partnership between the Charity Commission and many Muslim organisations is a healthy and important one especially considering the fact that Muslims have such a legal and moral obligation to give in charity and fund so much of their own projects directly with private financing. Keeping tabs of this money and ensuring full legal compliance…

Let’s lose the religious labels

12th June 2012

Simon Kuper, The FT Magazine You’d almost think Muslims really do control the world. Certainly the American and French elections seem to be mostly about them. After Mohammed Merah killed seven people in Toulouse in the name of Islam, Nicolas Sarkozy has tried to turn the election into a referendum on who can best protect the French from Muslims….

Muslim Stowaways on the European Titanic: “Eurabian” Alarmism 2.0

8th June 2012

Haroon Moghul, Religion Dispatches Spain, Greece, Italy—these are where we fear Europe’s failures will be revealed. There is no denying the European south is suffering, but if the Eurozone dies, there may be worse consequences, a revenge of a Europe we had thought buried. Though not as long as you might think. Already, the Eurozone’s…

Muslims & Disability: Journey to Inclusion

Fazila Bux, 1st Ethical CT - 6th June 2012

Our last article by Somayya Patel discussed the plight of deaf and disabled Muslims in the UK and their lack of access to Islamic education. This week, we are continuing the theme of Muslim attitudes to disability. Social inclusion for ethnic minorities is a big issue, and when you are disabled, you are a further…

So, what did the Muslims do for the Jews?

31st May 2012

David Wasserstein, The JC Islam saved Jewry. This is an unpopular, discomforting claim in the modern world. But it is a historical truth. The argument for it is double. First, in 570 CE, when the Prophet Mohammad was born, the Jews and Judaism were on the way to oblivion. And second, the coming of Islam…

A Point of View: I’m not toasting [insert head-of-state here]

30th May 2012

Will Self, BBC News Magazine If class hierarchies have flattened, why do we persist with the Loyal Toast, asks Will Self, who has never risen to drink to the health of the Queen or any other head of state. A few years ago I went to a formal dinner. It was one of those huge…

Muslim teachers rally for ground-breaking curriculum

Fazila Bux, 1st Ethical CT - 25th May 2012

Last weekend, a renewed-optimism infused teachers from London’s top Muslim schools for the future of Muslim education. These twenty carefully selected delegates had attended 1st Ethical’s ground-breaking half-day workshop at Regents Park Mosque, following a similar event in the north last month for Lancashire and Yorkshire teachers. Designed to enthuse teachers about the importance of…

Being Deaf and Muslim

Somayya Patel, 1st Ethical CT - 23rd May 2012

A deaf brother walks into the Mosque and begins his ablutions incorrectly. A few elderly men mock his mistakes. Fortunately, a brother who is able to sign is present, and helps the deaf brother perform his wudhu correctly. Recalling the above incident, Sarah* says, “For me, that was disgusting. These were adult mosque elders violating…

The Loss of Conversation

Fazila Bux, 1st Ethical CT - 21st May 2012

We live in an age where we are all ‘connected’. The phenomenon of the World Wide Web, manifested in Facebook, social networking sites, phone apps, and so forth seem to offer us endless and ever easier ways of keeping in constant touch with each other. In spite of this, many sociologists are finding our quality and…

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