Greek poverty so bad families ‘can no longer afford to bury their dead

19th October 2012

The Guardian Vanna Mendaleni is a middle aged Greek woman who until now has not had vehement feelings about the crisis that has engulfed her country. But that changed when the softly spoken undertaker, closing her family-run funeral parlour, joined thousands of protesters on Thursday in a mass outpouring of fury over austerity policies that…

1st Ethical Lecture Series for ISOC’s

17th October 2012

  1st Ethical are happy to offer 10 lecture titles once again to preselected universities. Last year, we delivered a number of successful lectures at universities such as Cambridge, Warwick, Manchester, Nottingham and many more. We are pleased to state there has also been strong interest from many ISOC’s this semester, who are interested in…

A Return to the Centre: Some Reflections on the Meaning of Hajj

Riyaz Timol, 1st Ethical CT - 15th October 2012

Each year several million human beings, as if drawn by an irresistible centripetal force, congregate around a sacred sanctuary saturated with symbolism and history: the Ka‘aba, House of God in Mecca, Saudi Arabia. Muslim tradition tells us that this simple black cube was first built by Adam – the first man and Prophet – who…

Being Pro-Life Doesn’t Make Me Any Less Of A Lefty

14th October 2012

Mehdi Hasan, Huffington Post Listening to fellow pundits on the left react with rage and disbelief to the support by the Health Secretary, Jeremy Hunt, for halving the abortion time limit to 12 weeks, I was reminded of the late Christopher Hitchens. “[A]nyone who has ever seen a sonogram or has spent even an hour…

Newcastle’s Muslim stars told: Don’t play in new ‘Wonga’ tops

10th October 2012

Martin Hardy, The Independent Newcastle United’s £24m shirt sponsorship deal with Wonga was engulfed in fresh controversy last night when the club’s Muslim players were warned that wearing the new shirts would infringe Sharia law. The intervention from the Muslim Council of Britain will heap further pressure on the club as it seeks to deflect…

Ban under-threes from watching television, says study

9th October 2012

The Guardian Doctors should curb amount of time children spend watching television to prevent long-term harm, say paediatricians Children’s obsession with the television, computers and screen games is causing developmental damage, warn experts. Photograph: Rob Watkins/Alamy Doctors and government health officials should set limits, as they do for alcohol, on the amount of time children spend watching…

US Court Documents Claim UK Police Collusion With FBI To Not Try Babar Ahmad in UK

6th October 2012

The Independent Exclusive: Police secretly handed the FBI evidence on Babar Ahmad while claiming their own case against him was collapsing due to lack of evidence Critics claim papers prove Britain didn’t do enough to try suspect in UK Metropolitan Police detectives agreed to nine separate requests from FBI agents to provide information on Babar…

Sheikh Hamza Yusuf: Exploring Freedom Of Speech

4th October 2012

[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ilOyulFDpFM&feature=plcp[/youtube] For those wishing to see this most beneficial debate and discussion in full, please click here.

Not In My Name: Sh Abu Eesa Niamatullah debates the anti-Muslim film response

2nd October 2012

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