Maulana Tariq Jameel: Huququl Ibad and The Final Sermon

Zahra Patel - 3rd October 2014

Recorded below is Part One of a speech delivered by the respected scholar Maulana Tariq Jameel on the Day of Arafah, within which, he discussed the Final Sermon of the Prophet (peace be upon him) and explained why this speech of the Prophet (peace be upon him) focused so heavily on the Rights of Creation…


Huququl Ibad and The Farewell Sermon

Zahra Patel - 2nd October 2014

Delivered on the Day of Arafah, the Farewell Sermon of the Prophet (peace be upon him) was our beloved Prophet’s last opportunity to address the nation en masse. His final request on this auspicious occasion was that the content of his message be passed on to coming generations so that they too might understand his…

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Man’s Greed and the Loss of 50% of the Earth’s Wildlife

Zahra Patel - 30th September 2014

Mankind is described within the Qur’an as ‘vicegerents’ on Earth. As part of this stewardship role, man has been entrusted with the duty to care for nature, the environment and all who reside on and in the Earth. The Prophet (peace be upon him) stated in a Hadith, “The Earth is green and beautiful, and…


Trustees and Executors for Wassiyah Purposes

Zahra Patel - 27th September 2014

  This article aims to simplify the shari’ah position on appointing trustees and executors for the purpose of distribution of inheritance (wasiyyah), and contains a discussion on the legal and practical situations of the following: Appointing a non-Muslim as a trustee and executor Payment for services of a trustee and executor Absolute discretion to convert…


The Emperor of China speaks about the Sahabah

Zahra Patel - 26th September 2014

The Emperor of Persia Yazdgird once wrote to the Emperor of China to seek reinforcements. Addressing the Persian envoy, the Chinese Emperor said, “I know well that it is the duty of any Emperor to assist another against those who are overpowering him. However, I want you to describe to me these people who are…


Islamic History: Righting the Wrongs of a 1000 years’ of Amnesia

Zahra Patel - 24th September 2014

The Times Education Supplement (TES) published an article on the 19th of September titled, “Young Muslims Need a Narrative of Discovery”. It contained within it findings from research conducted by Matthew Wilkinson, an academic at the Woolf Institute Cambridge, who is due to present his research at the British Educational Research Association conference in London…


Halal Student Loans: Another Step Forward

Bashir Timol, 1st Ethical CT - 5th September 2014

Yesterday, the Government published their findings with regards to the consultation launched in April this year on alternative sharia student finance for university fees. The Government confirmed receipt of over 20,000 responses (page 8) to the consultation. A quick search on the number of responses to the last three Government higher education consultations, spanning March…


Ilm 2 Amal 2014: (Nearly) Hot Off The Press

Waqaus Ali - 5th September 2014

The world and time stop for no man, and today’s truths very quickly become yesterday’s history. The successful people are no longer those who quickly realise the latest trends and “jump on the bandwagon”, but those who remain a step ahead of the crowd and are able to predict the trends even before they become…


Going for Hajj? Have you filled out an Islamic Will yet?

Zahra Patel - 5th September 2014

With Hajj season fast approaching, it is now doubly important for many that the obligation of filling out a legally valid Shari’ah Will is fulfilled. Filling out such a Will, will ensure that after our passing, our assets (possessions/wealth) will be distributed according to the laws of inheritance mentioned in the Qur’an, debt and funeral…

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