The Shepherd and the Flock

Ibrahim Khan - 13th February 2015

We often worry about our children and their religious practice, but we’re not sure about where they stand as it’s so hard to judge these things. Well here is a quick test we can quickly do to give us a rough idea of where we stand, and where our children stand. The test is called…

Breaking Naan Bread at the Salvation Army Homeless Centre

1st Ethical - 9th February 2015

Students from Blackburn Darul Uloom provide hot food and company to residents at the Salvation Army Centre in Blackburn The residents at the homeless shelter were not expecting company on Tuesday lunchtime, but that is what they got when the students of Jamiatul Huda poured through the doors laden with subcontinental dishes and smiles. It…

Medi2a Hub: Making the Most of the Media

Zahra Patel - 6th February 2015

If you’re a Muslim living in the UK, you must have had one of those conversations about the media at least once in your life. The, “I’m so frustrated with the media! It constantly portrays Muslims in a negative light. Why do the Daily Mail/Daily Express/Fox News have such an anti-Muslim agenda?! Why do they…

Sahabah Series: Umar’s Leadership Style

Cross Post - 4th February 2015

After the assumption of office as the Caliph, Umar addressed the Muslims who had assembled in the  Prophet’s mosque. In the course of the address, Umar said: “The mantle of Caliphate has fallen on my shoulders. I swear it before God that I never coveted this office. I wished that it would have devolved on…

New Vacancy: Graphic Designer

28th January 2015

Location: Greater Manchester Office Hours: Full time and permanent Salary: £20,000-£24,000 (scale based on experience) + Discretionary Annual Bonus Start Date: Immediate Closing Date for Applications: 14th February   About the Role: 1st Ethical Charitable Trust is looking for an experienced Graphic Designer, to help manage and further develop the design work for our adult…

Engaging with the Media: A duty on us all

Ibrahim Khan - 23rd January 2015

We’ve all seen the media circus that has ensued around the Charlie Hebdo over the past few weeks, and it won’t have escaped our attention that the far-right has risen alarmingly over the past two years and is now realistically looking to get a significant number of seats in Parliament this election. It certainly won’t…

Charity CEO Sacrifices Hot Food & Drink in Solidarity with the Poor

National Zakat Foundation - 23rd January 2015

The onset of winter can be quite draining and depressing; setting off for work before sunrise and returning home from the office in the dark too. The misery doesn’t end there for the winter poor, and home, if they are lucky enough to have one, doesn’t provide the respite that we all need after a…

How to make money, gain a skill, and earn Jannah – all in a day’s work

19th January 2015

How many times is it that we head to bed, and we feel we’re still playing catch-up not having achieved anywhere near as much as we want in our day? How often have we gone onto Youtube to check out a quick online tutorial to an issue we’re having on something we’re working on (e.g….

One Incredible Prophetic Relationship Advice

Ibrahim Khan - 15th January 2015

We often hear this bandied around. “Brother you should only love him or her for the sake of Allah”, or “sister, forgive him if you love him for the sake of Allah.” In fact we might even use the phrase ourselves sometimes. The words definitely sound nice, the sentiment is obviously right, and there is…

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