Empowering Muslims to benefit society through faith-based campaigns


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Ramadhan is one particular month in the Islamic calendar where Muslims are given an opportunity to delete the content of the last eleven months and start fresh on rebuilding themselves. Whilst we put a stop to eating and drinking
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We recently found some really inspiring Hadith of the Prophet (peace be upon him) regarding the environment, nature and looking after animals. We’ve mentioned a selection below just to give you a taster of the holistic nature of I
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The 2011 Census revealed that of the 2.8 million Muslims living in the United Kingdom, 33% were under the age of sixteen, with 69% under the age of 35, and that the average age of a British Muslim was a youthful 25. The 2011 Censu
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A survey conducted in 2014 on behalf of MindEd concluded that there are over 850,000 children in the UK who have a mental health problem, with that figure only taking into account the number of children to have been diagnosed. A m
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There are two types of people in this world: those who are revolutionaries and those who read about revolutionaries. The Oxford English Dictionary defines revolution as ‘a dramatic or wide-reaching change in conditions’, a definit
Yesterday, 1st Ethical attended and participated in the 2014 Islamic Education Conference in London (IEC), organised by the Association of Muslim Schools, an event that aimed to ascertain the needs of Muslim students, their school