The Uninvited Guest – and Why He’s a Blessing in Disguise

28th December 2015

We’ve all had one of them. They come at the most inopportune times – just when you’re about to leave for an event, or when you’ve been rowing with your spouse and don’t want to speak to anyone, or late at night when you had just got into bed. Then they stay. These uninvited guests….

One Thing Not to Give Your Kids as a Present

27th December 2015

This winter we Muslims are in good cheer. We get to do overtime and earn more money on Christmas day, our businesses do well, and we also get the benefit of all the Boxing Day sales and New Year’s sales without the downside of having to buy gifts for people beforehand. Fun times. We all…

But It’s Not Cool to Give Da’wah

25th December 2015

All of us have good non-Muslim friends either from school, university, or at work. Chances are we’ve socialised with them outside of our professional context, we’ve probably met their spouses and kids, and we might even have holidayed and travelled with them. But chances are we will never have told them about the thing most…

Tis the Season to be Jolly – or is it?

25th December 2015

Things are winding down for the year as we head towards the end of year. Offices up and down the country are getting considerably less work done than is the norm, and people can be seen scurrying around buying presents in shopping centres in the evenings, with shops open late and festooned in Christmas decorations….

The Difference Between Checking Out Alcohol at The Counter And Serving it at a Restaurant

18th December 2015

Many Muslims these days work at supermarkets and many also run and work in restaurants. Now as a consequence of this employment some tricky situations come up when these establishments sell alcohol, and the question comes up – can you serve alcohol as a waiter and can you check it out at the checkout aisle?…

The Harm of Buying the Wrong Product

15th December 2015

I was having a debate with a friend recently about the rights and wrongs of selling Christmas goods, and doubtless many of you will be interested in that debate. But the debate that affects us all and that we ended up discussing was the rights and wrongs of buying something – mince pies, say. Should…

The Forbearance of a Great Imam; A Lesson for Muslims in Challenging Times

Ibrahim Khan - 10th December 2015

Imam Shafi’I would often receive visitors to ask him questions and to challenge him on his views. Sometimes these people would not be very polite about it either. There are a whole series of poems in his Diwan – the collection of all of his poetry – that deal entirely with his debates with aggressive…

In the 21st Century We Don’t Need to Leave the House for Anything – That’s a Problem

Ibrahim Khan - 7th December 2015

Back in the day people used to have to head out into the wilderness to answer the call of nature. The Prophet (PBUH) even has ahadith about how one should properly clean oneself using the available things nearby – such as rocks. Today our bathrooms are inside and centrally heated. Back in the day people…

“I don’t need to wear my seat belt as its not in the Qur’an and Sunnah”

27th November 2015

We all know at least one dodgy character with a penchant for driving around without his seat belt on, or talking on his phone whilst driving, and then flippantly telling you “bro, I don’t need to wear my seat belt as its not in the Qur’an and Sunnah.” We instinctively know they’re wrong, but why?…

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